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Rums the Word

Rums the Word

Runs the Word

Honestly I never really gave rum much thought until my recent trip to Florida and man let me tell you I am hooked. Nothing tasted better after a long day on the water than a good rum drink. This magical drink is guaranteed to transport you to an island state of mind.

1 serving 

3oz coconut flavored rum  
3oz pineapple juice 
2oz pulp free orange juice
1 teaspoon coconut cream
1/2 oz dark rum

Edible flowers, nasturtiums   
Fresh pineapple  


1.    In a cocktail shaker full of ice combine first 4 ingredients and shake well. 

2.    In a tall glass filled with ice pour cocktail shaker. 

3.    Top with dark rum. 

4.    Garnish as desired. 

Pro Tip:

If you don’t have a cocktail shaker you can use a large jar with a lid like a mason jar or a protein bottle.

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