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Winter Dinner Party

Winter Dinner Party

You are in the right place if you want recipes and tips for hosting a dinner party this winter. Each of these photos from the first Hungry Twenties dinner party contains a recipe, cocktail, or entertaining tip. I hope these recipes inspire you this holiday season. Cheers to opening your home to friends and family.

Holiday Cheese Bread Hungry Twenties

A must is my Holiday Cranberry Brie Bread with three ingredients. You can not go wrong with serving this to your guests. Plus any recipe with virtually no clean up is a great when you are hosting.

Holiday Cheese Board Hungry Twenties

This One-Cheese Cheese Board is center around a wheel of Cyprus Grove’s Humboldt Fog- soft-ripened Goat Milk Cheese

A One-Cheese Cheese board make choosing which cheese you will serve three to four times easier. The one cheese you select will not be upstage and can serve as a great talking point. As your guest create different flavor combinations they can really explore the depths of your selection and share their creations turning your cheese board into a focal point of your dinner party.

Hungry Twenties Cocktail

An interactive cocktail is a must have at any dinner party. It is super fun to create a bar set up that allows for your guests to mix their drink just how they’d like. This simple St-Germain Spritz is a perfect cocktail to serve with appetizers.

Pomegranate Pear Salad Hungry Twenties

Pomegranates, Pears & Candied Walnuts pair together to create the perfect trio for a winter salad

This sweet and festive salad brightens up your winter dinner table instantly. Homemade candied walnuts, fresh pears and pomegranates serve as the focal point for this winter salad, however, a homemade vinaigrette takes this salad to the next level.

Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows Hungry Twenties

This Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa with Rumpleminze is the perfect night cap on a cold winter night. Candy canes can double as a stir stick when serving this cocktail. A tip when buying marshmallows if you don’t keep them stocked in your pantry is to pick up fresh made marshmallows from your local bakery.

Cheers Hungry Twenties

Simple champagne flutes upgrade any cocktail to a celebration & there is always a reason to celebrate

Friends Hungry Twenties

Lastly, your friends are the most important party of any dinner party. I am blessed that my friends came from near and far to help prep for this amazing dinner and celebrate an amazing start to Hungry Twenties. I hope you enjoyed these recipes and host an amazing dinner party for your closest.


xx Kat

Holiday Cranberry Brie Bread

Holiday Cranberry Brie Bread

Creamy Basil & Mint Pesto Linguini

Creamy Basil & Mint Pesto Linguini